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3D Logos

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“Reversible works Vol.4” Event visual design


3DCG / Shinya Kikuchi [WOW Inc.]
Produce & Planning & Design / Shinichi Saeki [VKC design]

“BearBoy from YumOut” LINE Sticker released

BearBoy from YumOut

Illustration & Design & Planning / Hiro Hanawa [1HR&SONS]
Produce & Planning / Shinichi Saeki [VKC design]

Clothing store “REGULAR” Shop card design


Happy new year of the horse, 2014!


Happy new year!
According to the Chinese astrological calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse.

So we made a tool, “Umazlizer” to celebrate the new year of the horse. You can simulate 3 colors of horse mask on your browser (Chrome/Firefox) by using a webcam and face tracking technology. This tool has an innovative function that the horse mask opens its mouth synchronizing with your mouth.




2013 April VKC Yaeyama Mix [ Compiled by 1hr ]

2013_April_VKC_Yaeyama_Mix by Shinichi Saeki on Mixcloud

Setlist [ Compiled by 1hr ]

01. Asadoya yunta By Ryuichi Sakamoto
02. BB Bleu By Kid A
03. Lean On Me (feat. Teki Latex) (Salva Remix) By Para One
04. Baskin’ By Isbells
05. Lo Lindora By Kodak to Graph
06. Fever Dreams By Nurses
07. Work the Middle (Kodak to Graph Rmx) By Andrea
08. Swingin’ Party By Kindness
09. Softkiss By Lemonade
10. Neptune (Mike Simonetti “Cafe Del Mike” Remix) By Lemonade
11. She Just Likes To Fight By Four Tet
12. WE GOT IT WRONG By St. Lucia
13. Fircom By Noble Oak
14. Pura Vida By Blank & jones
15. The Stars in Spring By Epic45
16. The Golden Messenger By College
17. Where I Found You By Future Islands
18. Afterglow By Phaeleh feat. soundmouse

Flying Penguin


Infinite Eiji’s Desk


VKC LateNightTales Mix 2

2013 February VKC LateNightTales Mix by Shinichi Saeki on Mixcloud

Setlist : Artist name / Song name 1, Superstars Of Rock / Orange Sunshine 2, Sasha / Drempels 3, Nine Inch Nails / Even Deeper (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) 4, Tom Middleton / Margherita – Original Mix 5, Lamb / What Sound 6, Thom Yorke / The Eraser 7, Groove Armada / Your Song (Tim Love Lee’s Semi Bearded Remix) 8, Vargo / Get Back To Serenity 9, Gorillaz / Empire Ants Ft. Little Dragon 10, THA BLUE HERB / Mainline 11, Bush / Letting The Cables Sleep [The N.O.W Mix] 12, Samantha James / Deep Sunrise – Original Mix 13, Clammbon / Akari from HERE(clammbon side) 14, Hidetoshi Takumi / EndTheme